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Thinking of the comfort of your horse

Choosing a good efficient and useful partner is important when you have a horse. He lives in the house or in a specialized ranch, equipment talks a lot in all its activities. Although having a horse is a real pleasure, follow the equestrian discipline for the health of our horses.

Equipment and its horse facility

Boxes for horses

The best design of horse stalls is made from well-selected wood. They are made in the interest of the safety and comfort of the horse. Through our work and our years of experience, we are able to create robust and durable boxes of traditional design.

Shelters for horses

Shelters horses are also designed by a wooden structure with the support in galvanized iron. Its dimensions, 300 x 600cm, allow the rest of the animal and its shelter. Visit our catalog in shelters for horses.


If you plan to “escrimer” your horses to protect current or walking in a natural and friendly environment, visit our catalog. One can find treated wood fences, wooden fences creosote and PVC fencing. In this sense, it is also believed to equipment horse by adopting a used western saddles for sale for a tool for quality and longevity.

Horse walkers

The treadmill is the result of our experience and our commitment to quality to our customers. Made specifically to help horses develop their muscles without any danger to the animal.

Obstacles and track material

There is everything to train with his horse wooden jumps, jump bar, cavalettis, security booths, dressage letters, training guides barriers, competition barriers. In each equestrian product online store, one can find all kinds of accessories for the equipment of the horse and horse riding.

A unique place to enjoy nature and riding in all its senses. There is a company that offers the highest-quality service to riders and horses not only for the comfort and attention of the horse.


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