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Horse riding : the saddle can make a huge difference !

Riding has always been a fascinating sport that puts the horse in contact with the rider's sensations. In the old days, riders did not need a horse saddle to ride on their stallion, whereas at present it is impossible to ride it without sitting on a saddle. But what is its usefulness?

What is the use of a saddle?

Why not immediately ride and gallop? This reasoning is quite achievable. The role of the saddle is to protect the back of the animal because it will have to support all your weight. So thanks to the saddle, your stallion will be able to gallop freely and with more ease as your weight will be cushioned and will be very well distributed. Therefore, if you do not put it, the animal will get tired very quickly. The horse may even feel unwell and try to eject you. So that's why you need a saddle for the climb. In this way, you can tame the animal and guide it. You can also ride for hours without getting tired or feeling any pain in the hips. The saddle also has the role of protecting the horse against the jolts that you can emit involuntarily during jumps. Thanks to the latter, you will be able to sit comfortably while making sure that your sitting position will not cause lesions on the back of the animal.

Saddles paradise

Since the advent of the internet, you can buy saddles from horses on websites such as without having to move. On this site you can find your happiness in saddle. It actually offers a wide range of saddle for horses. There is something for all disciplines, namely saddles for training, saddles for hiking, saddles for jumping, and even mixed saddles. He also sells new saddles without forgetting the saddles of occasions. But still, he has at his disposal a well-trained team to give you advice if you were struggling to find the saddle you need.


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