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Why are girls so dominant in horse riding?

It is often said that riding is a sport for men. Yet nowadays, girls are initiated in this field and increase in number each day. To tell the truth, according to a census, they are dominant in this sector, which does not displease the masculine gender moreover. What is certain is that they are many to be passionate and even wish to become real professionals in the field of riding later.

Boosting gender equality

If you want to know why girls are so dominant in riding, it is mainly to compete with men. Indeed, with globalization and the implementation of gender equality, many women want to show that they can be as competent as men on the back of a horse. They also want to demonstrate that they can take care of animals and know how to undertake risky activities despite their reputation as a gentle, innocent and delicate woman. Moreover, being of a very caring nature, the feminine gender also likes to meet new beings, whether human or animal. For this, the horse is an opportunity for them to reconnect with nature, to discover the world and to know what they are really able to ride.

They love the challenges

Like everyone else, girls also love challenges. They love this feeling of freedom, dependence and travel on the horse's back. They also cherish every moment they taste the thrills, adrenaline and intense sport. Because riding is an opportunity to be in shape while venturing into a world of passion and instant discovery. And with equitack¸ they can also deepen their passion by sourcing quality equipment at an affordable price at any time. Because they are as enduring and rutile as men. Because many of them have imposed their skills in the field of horse riding. Because they have the right to want to stand out in a field and want to deepen their passion. It is therefore normal if they are so dominant in riding.


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