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It's better to buy a top quality used saddle than a brand new one

Buying a used saddle can be much more beneficial than buying a new one. However, there are several things to consider before you make your purchase. It is adviseable to seek advice from a professional who can guide you on the type of saddle that will suit you and your horse.

Buy your used saddle in a good saddlery

Prefer the french used saddles models offered for sale by the specialists in equipment for riding rather than elsewhere. Many private individuals offer their products for sale online at attractive prices. However, they will not always be able to advise you on the use of the saddle, because they do not have the necessary knowledge to evaluate if the saddle in question is always good for use. The best way to determine that a saddle is still operational is to show it to a professional saddler. By buying your used saddle from a saddlery shop, you make a blow stone. You will acquire equipment at the best price while benefiting from expert advice.

Used saddle: more economical, but no less efficient

If you do not have the budget to buy a new saddle, you can acquire some used saddles. You are sure to find your happiness among many offers available on the market. Whether you're looking for a mixed saddle, a dressage saddle, a saddle to show jumping or a saddle cross country, you'll be spoiled for choice. By doing some small research, you are certain to fall on the saddles of great french brand sold at discount prices. Many used saddle models can still be used for many years. You will find high quality saddles at really affordable prices. However, always insist on testing your saddle on the back of your horse before finalizing your purchase. It must be adapted to your morphology and must also suit to your horse.


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