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Comfort for female riders

When you ride your horse, the comfort is essential. That is why it is important to invest money into quality equipment, and above all suitable for your morphology and your horse's measures as well. We give you a piece of advice to choose your riding equipment.

More comfort when you ride

It is important to feel comfortable when you ride : your whole body is in demand, and it is essential to not hinder your motion to work decently. It especially calls for appropriate clothes : for example you can choose elasticized pants, with silicone linings on the knees to prevent the frictions. You also have to avoid keeping objects in your pockets, like your cellphone : on the first hand it make you heavier, and on the second hand you run the risk of breaking it in case of fall. We also advise you to wear specific gloves : indeed they enable you to grip your reins better, and they prevent the blisters on your fingers.

The importance of a good saddle

The saddle is also a very important component of any rider's equipment : it has to suits your horse's morphology, and yours at the same time. That is why it is essential to choose an appropriate saddle, at the risk of damaging your horse and causing you back problems. You can choose saddle made in real leather or in a synthetic material : you simply have to know that the leather is more expensive, and not necessarily more comfortable or suitable for your horse. You also have to know that a brand new leather saddle sometimes is very expensive, that many riders cannot afford. If you are a part of these riders, you totally can buy an used saddle : if it is always has been well-maintained, it will lasts as long as a new one. Visit to find the best used saddles.


Equipment for horse riding

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