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Come with your own saddle to our lessons !

You want to introduce you to riding? To do this, you must then appeal to professionals in the field. These could give you advice, correct you, guide you, you learn just by considering your learning pace. It is obvious that before his first horse riding lesson, it is necessary to prepare well and thus to be prepared. Here are the steps to his first riding lesson.

My first riding lesson

Your coach will surely have already provided a list containing all equipment for your horse including your saddle. The saddle can actually cost you dear, it would be best to find the best antares saddles in private sales, for example, or elsewhere.

You must wear long pants to avoid exposing your legs. The pants will give you more protection and will facilitate your movements. There are specialized pants for riding on the market. Otherwise you can always opt for pants that are not too tight. You do not have to wear your favorite shirt if you do not want it to be stained and dirty at the end of your first lesson. Appropriate shoes are obligatory including riding boots. You can also choose these shoes with thin heels, boots, hiking or tennis shoes. The riding helmet is also essential for you to protect yourself in case of a fall. The hair must be well attached to the back so that they do not scatter before you and hiding the road. This is to prevent accidents. Note that you can also wear gloves reserved for this purpose.

For your first lesson, you have to come early or a few minutes in advance to ensure that you were in the right place. Before you begin, you must also present your horse. Preparing your horse should be done with the help of your instructor to start. This will guide you through the steps to brushing dressage.


Equipment for horse riding

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