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Are you a horse rider looking for a website to find some piece of advice about horse riding? You are in the right place: whether you are beginner or expert rider, check our professional hacks and our forum gathering one of the biggest horse riders communities of the web.

Riding a horse, where to begin

Horse riding is a very complete sport, which calls upon the whole muscular system: indeed it is so far from the classic prejudice about the lazy rider who just let his horse works ! The rider plays a very active role in the couple, and has to be in a great condition. You also have to know that horse riding is a very rigorous and serious sport: the professional riders reached the top at full price, which represents many hours of training a week since their childhood for the most of them. You have to know that you will not become an expert rider in one or two lessons: you will respect a very long learning process before your reach the highest level. So you will find on our website a lot of advice to well start and above all to evolve as fast as possible.

Equipment for horse riding

Horse riding calls for an appropriate equipment, for the rider and for the horse as well. You should start by investing into an adapted outfit, like reinforced trousers and an appropriate pair of boots. And above all, you have to wear a riding helmet to avoid serious injury in case of fall. Regarding your horse's equipment, he needs a perfectly adapted saddle which will not wound him. Do not forget to call a dentist, a blacksmith farrier and an osteopath regularly, and the veterinary at least once a year. You will be able to find the best products on our website, some purchase guide and products reviews. You will also be able to speak with numerous other riders on our dedicated forum.


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